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About Us

Wealth Square is an independent, unbiased financial advisory Services. Our endeavour is to choose the best of breed products from across more than 900 mutual fund schemes, Portfolio Management Services, life and health insurance schemes, fixed deposit schemes, IPO, NCD & Bonds to find the one best suited for your financial goals. As a policy we give equal importance to all our clients irrespective of their investment value.

We are today serving all types of clients – right from “Do it yourself” investors who know what they want, to investors who are looking for a second opinion on their selection, to investors who want to rely on an Expert Financial Planner who will be their ‘Financial Doctor’ and will work with them towards achieving their life time financial goals.

Mr. Pankaj Thakare and Mrs. Ashwini Patil are the two young budding generation entrepreneurs who began the journey of Wealth Square.

Mr. Pankaj Thakare and Mrs. Ashwini Patil both are the Founder of Wealth Square and having experience more than 9 Years in the areas of Fund Management & Financial Advisory.

Driven by their passion for financial well-being of customers & the mission for transforming lives, the founders started this journey of financial wellness. Both believe that the trust of our investors will play a very important role in this journey, and in every step that is going to be taken is with uttermost care & honesty. The desire is to help the masses access the best of the financial products & services and thereby positively transform their lives

1) Financial Planning 

2) Wealth Management

3) Insurance Planning

4) Tax Planning